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Lease Purchase is similar to Hire Purchase

Like hire purchase you pay a low deposit then make the remaining payments at a fixed rate over an agreed period, usually two or three years. However, with Lease Purchase you aid your cash flow and reduce your monthly payments significantly by deferring an agreed amount until the end of the contract - known as a final balloon payment. 

A simple 3 step process:

1. Choose your van and final specification

2. Agree the amount of it’s residual value, which you can defer paying until the end of the agreement.

3. Choose an agreement period from 12 to 49 months over which to pay the remaining balance. 

Lease Purchase monthly payments do not attract VAT, making this scheme particularly attractive to non-VAT registered businesses. All of the interest on your payments is allowable against tax. Additionally, a proportion of the vans value can be written down against profits. Lease Purchase is not available to customers intending to use the vehicle for hire and reward purposes i.e. taxis, body-shop usage, long term sub-let agreements (> 1month) or replacement vehicle insurance claim business. 

With a great choice of vehicle spec and  finance options available, call us now and we will help you find the right van at the right monthly cost. 

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Financial Services are the credit provider. Freepost Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Financial Services. We may receive a commission for any introduction to this finance company. SMG are the credit broker. 

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Transporter Kombi

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From £249.34pm*

Lease Purchase



Transporter Panel Van

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From £237.51pm

Lease Purchase



Crafter High Roof Panel Van

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From £319.91pm*

Lease Purchase



Caddy Panel Van

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From £209.01pm*

Lease Purchase